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Journal Papers:

  1. Calin Belta, Sadra Sadraddini, Formal methods for control synthesis: An optimization perspective, Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems Link
  2. Sadra Sadraddini, Sivaranjani S, Vijay Gupta, Calin Belta, Provably Safe Cruise Control of Vehicular Platoons, IEEE Controls Systems Letters PDF
  3. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Formal Synthesis of Control Strategies for Positive Monotone Systems, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control ArXiv

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers:

  1. Sadra Sadraddini, Shen Shen, Osbert Bastani, Polytopic Trees for Verification of Learning-Based Controllers, 12th International Workshop on Numerical Software Verification 2019, collocated with CAV, New York, NY, USA
  2. Sadra Sadraddini, Russ Tedrake, Linear Encodings for Polytope Containment Problems, Submitted, Arxiv
  3. Sadra Sadraddini, Russ Tedrake, Sampling-based Polytopic Trees for Approximate Optimal Control of Piecewise Affine Systems, IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Montreal, QC Arxiv
  4. Curtis Madsen, Prashant Vaidyanathan, Sadra Sadraddini, Cristian Ioan Vasile, Nicholas DeLateur, Ron Weiss, Douglas Densmore, Calin Belta, Metrics for Signal Temporal Logic Formulae, IEEE Conference on Control and Decision (CDC), Miami Beach, Florida, 2018
  5. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Formal Guarantees in Data-Driven Model Identification and Control Synthesis, Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC), Porto, Portugal, 2018, (Best Paper Award Finalist)
  6. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Distributed Robust Set-Invariance for Interconnected Linear Systems, American Control Conference (ACC), Milwaukee, WI, 2018
  7. Eric S. Kim, Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Murat Arcak, Sanjit Seshia, Dynamic Contracts for Distributed Temporal Logic Control of Traffic Networks, IEEE Conference on Control and Decision (CDC), Melbourne, Australia, 2017  PDF
  8. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Formal Methods for Adaptive Control of Dynamical Systems, IEEE Conference on Control and Decision (CDC), Melbourne, Australia, 2017, ArXiv
  9. Sadra Sadraddini, Janos Rudan, Calin Belta, Formal Synthesis of Distributed Optimal Traffic Control Policies, International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS), Pittsburgh, PA, 2017,  PDF
  10. Sivaranjani S, Sadra Sadraddini, Vijay Gupta, Calin Belta, Distributed Control Policies for Localization of Large Disturbances in Urban Traffic Networks, American Control Conference (ACC), Seattle, WA, 2017, PDF
  11. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Feasibility Envelopes for Metric Temporal Logic Specifications, IEEE Conference on Control and Decision (CDC), Las Vegas, NV, 2016, PDF
  12. Iman Haghighi, Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Robotic Swarm Control From Spatio-Temporal Specifications , IEEE Conference on Control and Decision (CDC), Las Vegas, NV, 2016 ArXiv (extended, PDF)
  13. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Safety Control of Monotone Systems with Bounded Uncertainties, IEEE Conference on Control and Decision (CDC), Las Vegas, NV, 2016  ArxivPDF
  14. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, A Provably Correct MPC Approach to Safety Control of Urban Traffic Networks, American Control Conference (ACC), Boston, MA, 2016 Arxiv, PDF
  15. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Robust Temporal Logic Model Predictive Control, 53rd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Urbana, IL, 2015, PDF

Technical Reports:

  1. Robust Constrained Control: The Polytopic Appraoch

Conference Presentations (Submitted Abstracts):

  1. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Controlled Invariance for Uncertain Monotone Systems (Invited session extended abstract), 22nd Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, Minneapolis, MN, 2016
  2. Sadra Sadraddini, Calin Belta, Model Predictive Control of Urban Traffic Networks with Temporal Logic Constraints (Tutorial Session Paper), American Control Conference (ACC), Boston, MA, 2016


Sadra Sadraddini, Formal Methods for Resilient Control, College of Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA, 2018 PDF

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